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Adams and Sizemore Family History Website

Descendants of the Pioneers and Native Americans of Southeastern Kentucky

Pictured above are my parents, John Adams and Mildred Sizemore shortly after they met in about 1951. Of course, their story is like a million other couples throughout the history of the human race; they met, fell in love, and decided to raise a family. But as common as their story is, it's also the uncommon and endlessly fascinating story of how we all came to be. Our little piece of that human story - The Sizemore's, Adams', Morgan's, Smith's, Begley's, Napier's and the rest of our bloodline - can be found within these pages.

It's the story of the hearty English, Irish and Scottish immigrants who came to America in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds to find a better life - and found the struggle of their lives. They were the 'Long Hunters' and pioneers who, along with men like Daniel Boone, braved the wild and remote wilderness of Southeastern Kentucky of the late 18th century in order to settle the land and carve out a piece of the world for themselves and their families. They fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, were politicians and farmers, fought the Native Americans of the region and made peace with them, traded with them, hunted with them, and some of our relatives even fell in love with and married them. Against incredible odds, our ancestors not only survived, but prospered, and in every case it started with the simple fact that a man and woman met, fell in love, and decided to raise a family together. We owe our existence to them, and with respect we remember their lives here.

Thank you for coming to the site. I hope you enjoy browsing through these pages as much as I've enjoyed digging up the information contained in them and making it available to you. A small warning though: While I've gone to great pains to verify my information, this family tree, like most, is a work in progress. I've done my best to use the most reliable sources possible - like Census records, marriage and birth records, et cetera - but such records were not always available. In those cases the information posted here comes from a wide range of secondary sources such as other family trees, the database at the Church of Latter Day Saints website, oral histories recited to me by family members, and other anecdotal accounts like The Dickey Diaries. In any case I welcome any comments, corrections or additions you might have, and as time goes by any inconsistencies will be eliminated.

Samuel Johnny (Skip) Adams -- September 2003

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I'd like to give special thanks to Reva Morgan, Phrona Sizemore, Eula Akers, Larry Sizemore, Chris Sizemore and Danny Adams for their help with all kinds of things that have made this a better website. I would also like to give credit to the many websites I consulted for their incredible resources, and to the individuals who created them: The county sites listed above, Ancestry.com, Tim Spence, Rick Pennington, Ron Blevins, Joy King, Janet Crain, the Hazard website for the great old Hazard photos, and all the REAL genealogists out there whose hard work made mine a lot easier. THANKS! And to anyone that I've neglected to mention, please forgive me. Finally, I'd like to invite you all to contact me with any comments or suggestions that would improve this site further.

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